What to see

A city on the sea

Milazzo is a touristic town in the province of Messina, which employs approximately 32700 inhabitants. Enjoys a strategic location that has made it a starting point for the Aeolian Islands, Tindari and the Park of Nebrodi. But not only, Milazzo is much more. Has a millenary history, legends want was the house of Olympians.

The peninsula of Milazzo is placed between the Patti Gulf to the East and the Gulf of Milazzo West. A East we find a Main Marina plus two Marinas, a commercial and industrial zone, West instead the coastline consists of kilometers of beach dominated by the imposing Castle of Frederick II.

Recommended Attractions in Milazzo: The ancient castle, the Cathedral, the churches (among which the Church of San Francesco di Paola, where the Holy worked many miracles, the sanctuary of Saint Anthony, where the Holy found shelter after being shipwrecked in 1221).

Holidays in Milazzo

Milazzo is definitely the town of the province and perhaps of Sicily with the largest number of kilometres of coastline. Starting from Levante (East)  after the harbour and the Lungomare Garibaldi, with its splendid seafront promenade, we find the fisherman's  neighborhood  di "Vaccarella"with features fishing boats moored on the beach.

By continuing you go to the beach of "Croce di Mare" ancient seaside resort, where begins the rocky coast of CAPO Milazzo with "Cala Oliva"  "Torre del corvo" of the 16th century, the "Cala del Pepe" where there was a Tunas Trap, the "Punta Ragno" dominated from above by the residency of Admiral Luigi Rizzo hero of world war I.

It continues with "Punta Trifiletti" where you can see the "Cave of Gold", and subsequently between bays and coves we reach the Bay "Renella" characterized by a beautiful white sandy beach and the "Punta Messina" (extreme tip of the headland) where you open a small cave Woman named "leg" and the beautiful natural pools.

From here going towards the West you come to "Monte Trino" one of the most beautiful viewpoints where you can dominate the whole city on the one hand and, on the other hand, enjoy 40 Km around Costa da Capo Rasocolmo to Capo Calavà.

A final stretch of coastline in arriving at the "Bay of Tone" (locally known as "ngonia", from Greek, inlet) by a beautiful and long sandy plain language about 5 Km accompanied by a coastal road which runs parallel to the sea. Here the sand and shingle Beach make it crystal clear water, allowing you to spend relaxing days at sea and admire, in the serene summer days, a splendid sunset with the Sun that is immersed in water.

Recommended Attractions in Milazzo: Milazzo is strategically located to discover, with daily excursions, the northern part of Sicily from Catania to Palermo.

The Castle

When you go to Milazzo you can't  notice the imposing Castle of Moorish origins and its history is as old as the Earth where rises, deeply entwined with the territory surrounding him.
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